All Natural, Single Ingredient Pet Treats

We only use ONE ingredient, Wild Pacific fish and absolutely nothing else so turn over the packaging, make the comparisons and get the FULL nutritional benefits of Wild fish.

Don’t be misled with terms such as “real”, “flavored”, “Norwegian” or “Atlantic” salmon, if it doesn’t say “WILD” it probably isn’t.

All of our products are 100% manufactured at our plant in Richmond, B.C., Canada from the cutting of the fish to the packaging of product to ensure quality, consistency and traceability.

The Snack 21 trademark represents unique and quality treats on the leading edge of the “Natural & Healthy” wave of pet products. We would like to point out the following points that differentiate our products from the rest:

1) 100% NATURAL

All of our products are 100% natural with absolutely NO additives, preservatives, coloring or artificial flavoring. Unlike other companies that contain preservatives such as Propylene Glycol (

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Our Products: Our salmon products use only 100% Wild Pacific Salmon. The Pacific salmon is most famous for its lifecycle; born in tiny streams far from the sea, the Pacific salmon spends the first part of its life in fresh water, then migrates down streams to rivers and spends most of its adult life in the open ocean.

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Other concerns that exist are what part of the fish is being used, what other ingredients are being added and from where these ingredients are coming from.

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With the recent recalls of products manufactured in China, including children’s toys, “toxic toothpaste” and tainted milk products as well as the massive pet food recall in 2007 due to the importation of melamine-contaminated wheat gluten; there has been a cultural shift by consumers toward the importance of quality and the traceability of products.

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