My buddy goes crazy when I sprinkle the Salmon Flakes onto his food and I loves it because it’s 100% natural and full of Omega-3 fatty acids.

Parents of Casey

My dog absolutely loves your healthy treats with no junk in it, just 100% Wild Pacific Salmon.

Parents of Teemu

I buy every package in the store to make sure we never run out.

Parents of Leon

My baby loves your snacks and I’m gland to see there are no additives or preservatives.

Parents of Huckleberry

We were recently in Victoria and purchased a bag of your salmon treats for our cats. These cats have not liked any treats I’ve tried for them, so I was not really hopeful that they would like these, but I had to try since I’d never seen any like them. Well, 2 of my 3 really love them and so I need to get some more. My daughter’s 15 yr old orange tabby, Pooter, also likes them.

Parents of Jesse, Punkin, and Gabby

Absolutely, I would love to have my cats on your site! I really appreciate the pure salmon, no additives nature of these treats.

Parents of Pasht and Bes

Our dog won’t eat any other treats but your Salmon Sushi Rolls. Thank you so much for making such a healthy, nutritional treat.

Parents of Bogey

Our cats get so excited when we shake the Snack 21 package. They go through a package faster than their canned food! We are so happy to give Ronin and Chloe such healthy treats, their coats and teeth look great because of it.

Parents of Ronin and Chloe